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Missing item

I received the orders neatly packed. But there is a missing item. Sent an email soon as received the orders at your support team with a picture. No reply.

Delicious more order in the future


Ordered 3 of this item (Cream Silk hair fall defense) but got a different one. I emailed & sent PM twice but haven't heard back. It’s just a waste because i didn’t use it. I asked how are they going to rectify the error but i just got ignored.

My husband's favorite crackers. Thanks

Sarap just like what we have back home...

Classic pulvoron

Taste Good


This is my very first order and i am disappointed. One of the items I ordered came out wrong. I sent an email right away and private message but didn’t got a response, sent another follow-up email & private message but the same, no response. The packaging though was very neat and organized.

I purchase more than 70 dollars but i havent gotten my discount.n also the fedex driver delivered my package in different door wrong address

It’s delicious Muhlach ensaymada cheese

Wow it’s amazing and yummy these Muhlach Ensaymada CHEESE!!!

Mulach Ensaymadz

Prefer cheese flavor for sure than ube . Theres not much ube on it. Overall its good !

Best cornick ever!

Worth the money

Very good, soft and worth its money. I heated it up in the microwave for 25 seconds and topped it with star margarine and little sprinkle of white sugar :)

Kinda expensive but soooo yummy!!!

I love this pack. Not too salty.


Our family’s go-to peanut butter spread. Great when you sawsaw it in your coffee! 🤣😂👍

Not greedy on grated cheese toppings. Love it! Thanks

Nestle Coffee

Well worth the wait, now my wife can enjoy her coffee !!!

Came in good condition

It came in a box delivered in good condition and on time. My husband love this pastry and I ordered it for him.